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WineWise is a must-have for anyone seeking the knowledge and confidence to select and enjoy great wines. It gives readers a basic introduction to wine: how to select different varieties and identify their flavors, how to read wine labels, and how to identify grapes from wine-growing regions all over the world. The interior features detailed maps, examples of wine labels, and hundreds of four-color photos. Chapters include Enjoying Wine, White Grapes, Red Grapes, Living with Wine, Wine and Food, and Wine in Restaurants, as well as chapters on wine-growing regions from France, Italy, and Germany to California and New York State to South America, Australia, Spain, and Portugal. There is also a chapter on Bargains, featuring the greatest inexpensive wines from around the world. Detailed information on grapes, flavor profiles, regions, and food and wine pairings makes it easy for consumers to choose the right wine for any occasion and any budget. Filled with understandable, consumer-friendly, expert advice, this book is the ideal companion for any wine enthusiast.

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